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Wanderers finish season 20-134

CINCINNATI, Sunday Oct. 15, 1899 -- The homeless Cleveland Spiders ended their forlorn season today by losing 16-1 and 19-3 before 1,500 bored patrons.

It was the exiles' 15th and 16th straight defeats. At 20-134, the tean finished as the worst in National League history.

For pitchers, the Spiders used utility man Lew McAllister in the opener and a local amateur, Eddie Kolb, 19, in the second game. Kolb clerks in the cigar store in the Hotel Gibson, where the Spiders stay when in town.

After losing the 40th of their last 41 games, the Spiders congregated at the Gibson for a final meeting. They presenteda diamond locket to George W. Muir, their secretary.One of the Spiders told Muir: "We are doing this for you only because you deserve it. You are the only person in the world who had the misfortune to watch us in all our games."

NOTES: Alas, the poor Spiders. This was the last game they ever played. Deprived in March 1899 of Cy Young, Nig Cuppy, Jesse Burkett, Cupid Childs, Ed McKean and the rest of their longtime heroes, they became a "road team" in mid-1899 because Clevelanders wouldn't pay to watch them lose. The '99 Spiders remain the worst team ever. Umpire McDonald was best known as the fellow who'd beaten Gentleman Jim Corbett when both were amateur boxers.